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Open Enrollment

EVERY Saturday@ 10:00am 


Accepting Ages 6 - 16



Rev. T. Wendell Community Center

(Mullaly Park)

1020 Jerome Ave.

Bronx, N.Y. 10452



“Building & strengthening the character of youth by fostering creative development and self-expression through *D.A.N.C.E.”

*Discipline Achievement Nurture Character Excellence 

WILL•I•D.A.N.C.E (Discipline. Achievement. Nurture. Character. Excellence) is the passion project created by Subira Williams (Director), and Asha Isaac (Assistant Director), both born, raised, and currently residing in The Bronx. Their friendship of over 25+ years began while participating in various dance programs in the NYC area from ages 8 – 17.  


These programs allowed them to take dance classes at some of New York’s well-known schools such as Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway (Subira Williams), and Joffrey School of Ballet (Asha Isaac). Additionally their dance training through these programs allowed them to travel abroad to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, taking part in diverse dance outreach programs.​


W.I.D currently provides dance classes in four disciplines of dance (Afric​an, Caribbean, Ballet/Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip-hop) to youth ages 6 – 16 during the school year (Septe​mber - Jun​e). Each class is 60 minutes, and includes lessons on personal development in the areas of self-awareness, commitment, and teamwork, helping to build confidence, and success through dance. The program focuses on providing dance instruction to young individuals in the community, fostering a positive environment for their growth and development. We are dedicated to making sure that every child feels included and empowered.  Engaging students and their families encouraging active lifestyles both in dance class and at home.  

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Participation in dance programs can provide youth with a sense of accomplishment and pride, building self-esteem and self-confidence. Dance can also be a fun and enjoyable activity that brings people together and helps to build a sense of community.  Asha and Subira love for dance, coupled with their passion for working with youth exemplifies the mission of WID. They know first hand the long-term impact of having strong, positive role models within their communities. Both are strong believers of youth mentorship, and serve as an example of what can be accomplished through dance discipline.

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